Intuition workout: what wood did you pick?

Intuition works well on intention. Your intuition can read intention of others. In fact, this blog post is here to teach you that your intuition gathers frequencies of energies that are there to support you in your needs based on the intention of them. For example, if you are mistreating yourself, you will be surrounded by things or people that mistreat you. Either directly or indirectly. You always make decisions based on what you need to learn.  Every bad decision was a tutoring class in this game of life. 

I have created this posting for you as an oracle. My intention is that you will pick the message you need that is most relevant to you and your situations. You may not want it, but you will get it. 

Is this magic? You decided. 

So, what wood did you pick? Scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

1. Driftwood 

If you chose 1, your message today is to remind yourself that no matter where your journey takes you, you will always find your way to exactly where you need to be. As long as you believe in yourself. No matter how much time goes on the work you do here in this lifetime is your legacy. When your time here on earth has come to a close, and you ascend home, fragments of your existence remains here on this earth. Your time will never be forgotten, so make the best of what you are given and leave a lasting impression of your best self. 

2. Willow branch

Your message is to learn to care for yourself by what you consume. Your body is asking you to consider researching your ailments through the lens of natural remedies alongside good medical health. You are at a point in your life where you have the power to heal yourself and even others if you are willing to let go of your old patterns that don’t serve you. You are worthy of perfect health and an abundant lifestyle. Chose to nurture yourself by self love. 

3. Hardwood slab

Your message is to get into balance. You are a Spirit that has the ability to find healing and great wisdom through what is known as the lower world in Shamonic journey. This refers to the animal kingdom of totems, crystals and their healing powers, the indigenous medicine wheel and the four cardinal directions and the elements earth, air, fire and water. There is nothing fake about you, other than what you hid from the public of your souls deepest desires. The world needs your gifts, so stop being shy and let your woowoo interests shine freely. (I do and it’s fantastic!)

4. Teakwood candle holder

If you chose this, your message is to let your magic out. Let your inner child see the sparkling lights all around you with great wonderment and excitement. Activate your imagination and Jump on the back of a magical dragon and soar high away from all your grown up problems just for a moment. Enjoy the feeling of contentment more by letting your heart feel freedom and telling your head to shut up, stop chattering so much about all the things that bring you down. Take a vacation from your own stress as it’s bein a real drag on you lately. Make your own reality better. 

Thank you for taking part! Please share with your friends! 

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