Intuition workout: what do you need today?

Using your intuition, pick an item that speaks to you. You always pick what you need. That’s your intuitions job. To always guide you to pick what you need, even if it’s what you don’t want to hear. 

What message did your intuition guide you to today? 

1. quartz cluster 

You’ve been guided to this specific crystal because it holds the medicine of clarity, and Devine guidance. Perhaps you want a clear direction to go in, for this life or an amplified validation to tell you that you are on the right track. Take that as a sign that you are on the right track, however, don’t get caught in the fast lane, much wisdom is beneath the surface. Enjoy the journey and what it has to teach you. Allow yourself to receive. 

2. Rose

The medicine you seek today is compassion and connection. You want to feel and be felt. The message here for you today is to ignite your passion. Don’t let your fire go out and your well of possibility dry up. You are more than a passive passenger on this big blue planet. Time to blossom. You are also connecting with loved ones in the spirit world whom are aligning you to possibilities and communication. Pay attention to their signs. 

3. Piggy

If you chose piggy, your medicine is financial stability without breaking your back is a definite possibility. You need to get creative but you also need to believe that you are capable and worthy of making all your financial desires and dreams come true. If your dreams seem like they will come when pigs fly, you need to learn to build wings. Your validation today is you will find success if you believe that you can believe in yourself. 

4. Orgonite 

You have summoned your angels to surround you and protect you in grounding and stability. Emotions are safe, feelings are safe, you are safe. This is your reality and no one or no thing can take your truth and your power unless you let them. Don’t let Situations shake you. You are stronger than that. Your validation today is all is well. Just breathe and know you are safe. 

Thank you for taking part!! Please share, and let us know how your intuition served you!! 

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