Intuition workout: what is your body telling you?

Your body uses your intuition constantly to tell you how to care for it. Do you know how to listen? Do you hear it’s call to you? Do you know why you choose what you do? 

Aside from the western diet’s sugar addiction crisis and the fact our bodies need to feed good microbiome and eliminate bad bacteria to maintain healthy balance, are you able to respond to your bodies suttle requests?

Let’s see what your body is requesting from you. Using your intuition, pick a food and see what message it has for you. 

1. Figs

In the Mediumship world, anxiety is a common issue. Figs are a quick hack to settle things down in the body when anxiety is coming on. Magnesium rich foods like figs are fantastic at treating anxiety and other spiritual diseases as well. If you chose figs, your body is directing you to cultivate your emotions to ease the demand off the other functions your body has to do. You likely are a powerful intuitive, Empath or medium and would benefit to develop your gift. Your body is asking for emotional relief from your surroundings and environment. 

2. Cucumber 

If you have chose cucumber, your body needs you to understand what free radicals are and to eliminate some of them. This choice is to validate that you have too much inflammation in the body and your body is trying to eliminate anything extra. If you are trying to lose weight, this validates there are foods or chemicals that are causing inflammation in your body that your body can’t do anything with until you eliminate exposure to it. Your body is asking your Spirit for you to be gentle on it. 

3. Broccoli 

If you chose broccoli, it’s a validation that your body had a combination of 1 and 2 happening as posted above, but it’s also telling you that you are low on calcium. If you consume or supplement calcium, your body is telling you that something else is causing you to not be able to absorb the calcium. Research vitamin D. If your body directed you to broccoli, you need to heal your autoimmune issues before they become a big problem. 

4. Nectarine 

You need vitamins E. Your body is ordering up a vitamin pop to help fight inflammation and stress in your body. Your body is trying to regenerate from some cell damages and heal you on a cellular level. Not only do physical strains harm your cells, so does emotions, negativity and inflammation from bad food choices. Emotions of other people can also cause cellular damage in your body if you allow it to be taken personally. Developing skills to protect yourself from negativity and emotions of others will help you ten fold. Your body is telling you to give it vitamins because it’s trying to fix your shit! 

Thank you for taking part! How did you like this intuition workout? Please share with your friends and let us know on Facebook or Twitter how you enjoyed this experience! 


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