Intuition workout: pick a petunia

Let’s see how your intuition is working today! By choosing what you are the most drawn to, it reveals a vibration of energy about you. Your intuition helps you choose a frequency of light that matches your light. It’s like a mood to a song, or your emotions to food choices. Your intuition matches you to what you are working on. 

Sometimes you will be drawn to more than one thing. Sometimes you may feel like you chose wrong. If you feel you chose wrong, you are likely fighting an emotion or are in a fear block of the unknown. That’s fixable. Just breathe deep and try again. 

So let’s get started. Choose your petunia in the image above. Scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

1. Purple 

You are striving for wisdom, deep mystery, and are seeing beauty in all things. It’s important for you to know you are working on a level of light that is a very high frequency which can make you physically tired. You are working on a profound level of healing within yourself and are aligned to greater sources of intellectual knowing than many people around you. Peace is your goal and you are on track to achieving that. 

2. Yellow 

You are looking to have life just a little bit simplified. Getting down to the simplicity and the roots of your true self is important. Wisdom is also in stride with you, however you are looking to empower with your wisdom and looking in the smallest places to your willpower and willingness to implement simplicity and balance around you. You are not looking for a simple fix for your issues, you are looking to fix them with simple things like gratitude, a better attitude towards yourself and the wisdom to know you are capable of greatness. 

3. Red

Stability in a bold statement of power and passion. You need to be seen. You have incredible passion about your needs and wants. You have a statement to make, however sometimes words are just not enough to make you feel expressed. You want clear validation from others. Perhaps those you care about the most are not expressing clearly to you that they see you. This is a validation to you that you intimidate others. You are craving some order and organization around people, places and your emotions. 

4. Pink 

Hello chaos and fun!! You are really ready to let life be messy and exciting. You are craving a little whimsy, a little innocence with a sprinkle of magical on top. Your heart is bursting to fill up on joy, laughter and good times. Throw caution to the wind and go with the flow is the remedy your life is calling you to. Enjoy your inner child being expressive in your world. Life is too short to be too serious all the time. 

How did you do? Please share, I love hearing your validations!!

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