Intuition workout: test your vibe

You choose everything in life based on vibration. The colour frequency, shape, size, image, all those things are vibration. You pick the vibration that you are closest working on and what resonates with you. For example, you have been drawn to my website because I speak to a part of you that resonates with me. 

What this means for you is that you always pick intuitively, because intuition worked on vibration. To be intuitive means you are able to understand frequency of light or information that is not spoken or physically seen. You can understand vibe. 

So let’s play the card game, let’s see if you fight your intuition by second guessing your choice, or if you time in and choose bang on. 

Using your intuition, pick a card. Scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

Card 1

Green aventurine. This is a vibe about learning self assurance. This vibe is about expanding yourself financially, or other aspects of your life such as family, home or career. This is a stone of prosperity and growth. 

Card 2

Rose Quartz. This is a vibe of pain in the heart space. Grief, sadness, suffering. You need to call in universal love. You need love. Your heart needs love. You need to be compassionate towards yourself, lower your guarded walls and give your love too. 

Card 3

Orange calcite. This is the vibe of sexuality end empowerment of passion and desire. It is also the frequency of creativity and psychic development and empowerment. This resonates with people whom are working to access deep desires and manifestation of them into reality. 

Card 4

Rainbow moonstone. Hello Empath. This is the vibe of enthusiasm, self appreciation, alignment, and joy. Something that Empath’s struggle with. That’s why this stone is a fantastic choice for an Empath’s tool set. This stone is known as the ‘body of light within’ that spreads harmony throughout the aura. Just like a Lightworker does. If you chose this, you could benefit greatly by developing your skills. 

I have a course perfect for exactly that called Evolve level 1. See it here Evolve level 1 register

Thanks for taking part! How did you do?? 


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