Intuition workout: balls, romance and soft cuddly things

Our intuition is a powerful thing. It helps us pick exactly what we need. Our intuition matches our choices to vibrations of energy that match what we are working on. Words and intentions are energy. Your intuition will guide you to the vibration of energy you are working on or are needing to hear. Intuition does not work on what you want. Just what you need. 

Trusting your choice, scroll below to see what messages your intuition has guided you to see. 


If you chose the pillow, you are experiencing some changes in your life. Perhaps you are hiding truths below The surface and only letting the outside world see what you want them to see, while keeping your truths hidden. Your message today is that it’s okay. You are lovable, adorable, beautiful, you shine, are vibrant and are worthy to love and be loved in every aspect of you. Let yourself be held by the unconditional love in your own heart. Let you love you. Let your true words come out. Let yourself live your dreams. Don’t be shy, you are worthy of all the great things you’ve dreamed about. You are the designer. Dream big and live it. 

2. Ball

If you chose ball you are shaping something in you. Trying to make things happen. You are likely feeling the pressures or weight of the world and are trying to make the changes needed in you to find relief. You are on the right track to success. However, you need to emotionally put your needs first. At this time in your life, being second in your priorities is not working. You need to fill your needs before you have enough energy for everyone else. Keep your focus positive and you will get further than you ever imagined. Good work on you for stepping up for yourself. You are an inspiration. 

3. Flowers 

If you chose flowers you have some serious love surrounding you. You are supported even though at times you don’t feel it. Sometimes the best medicine is for us to figure things out for ourselves and not everyone will get it. Just because others don’t understand our journey it doesn’t mean they don’t support or love us for trying to better ourselves. You are loved. However, you need to do soul searching to figure out what you want. Conflicts can no longer be blamed on others. You are at a phase of taking action towards resolving your doubts, fears and insecurities about situations you face. No matter what, you will always be loved and supported. 

4. Bruce the bunny

If you chose Bruce, you are experiencing some interesting things in the coming weeks. Creativity is peaking for projects on the home, or work front. Take full advantage of this. You are also experiencing some territorial issues. Feelings like others are stepping on your toes or stealing your thunder. Your charged emotions may make you want to chase away the threat or run for the hills. Don’t be fooled by these emotions. It’s an illusion. Be soft and gentle on yourself when you feel upset with others and bite your tongue before you say something you will regret later. Even if you know you are in the right, others can manipulate your situations. Be creative and put that charged up energy to productive use. 

Thank you for taking part!! How did you do? Please share your validations with us! 

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