Intuition workout: pick a thing

Let’s work your intuition. Pick an item that grabs your attention. If you pick more than one, that means there is more than one message for you. If you are contemplating one over the other, check your ego because you are likely ego battling yourself of something you already know, or don’t want to hear. Your intuition and ego fight like that. 

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So let’s do this, scroll below to see what messages your intuition led you to today. 

1. Cinnamon 

Your message is that good things are going to come out of your situations. Even if you feel like you are in a complete shit show and feel like the world of lack or complication is hovering over you. This is a very good sign. Did you know that cinnamon is a sign of abundance and prosperity? You chose this item because you are in alignment with prosperous growth. Not just financially, but your soul stands centre stage in your future where great joy surrounds you. Cinnamon is a purifier meaning it’s teaching you today with its physical properties to purify your thought of negativity, stay positive and your desires will be on their way. 

2. Feather

Your message today is that you have been experiencing signs and information from the spirit world through the magic of synchrony. It’s time for you to pay attention to your ability to receive guidance and stop second guessing your truths. Loved ones that have passed are guiding you to messages also. Memories, feelings and emotions are coming up for you to heal and expand your conscious awareness. You are a magical being with potential to do great things with great power. You are being guided to see this is true. You are also being led here for the simple message of a loved one on the other side. That loved one just wants to say “I love you”. 

3. Palo Santo 

You are breaking through the fever of self doubts. Self doubt is an illusion. It’s a disease that keeps you unwell. You are burning through that sickness and letting your light illuminate in this dim world. Others will judge, and point fingers. That’s okay because it’s not your business. They are trapped in the self doubt fever too. When you are shining like a star those that criticize will ask you for your remedies. You are making improvements for more than just yourself. You are inspiration to others to shine too. 

4. Leaf

If you chose leaf, your intuition is bang on the money across the board. You have many situations in your life that feeding you validation. This choice is your check point to check in with yourself that “yes you can trust your intuition is valid”. 

However the information is rapid and true, be mindful that having information of truth comes with responsibility. Don’t judge what you know. It’s a privilege to have deep insight. Instead of judgement, or running from the truth, keep a neutral view of all situations. If you are focusing on deeper truths, look for the root of the situation. Your intuition will take you into some incredible rabbit holes that will bring great awareness to all fronts of your life. Enjoy your magical gift. 

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