Intuition workout: heart of stone

Your intuition is always working to guide you to what you NEED. In this exercise, your intuition will guide your mind to select the message you need the most. 

Using your intuition, pick a stone. Scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

1. Lava Rock

If you chose lava rock, your intuition guided you to the validation of great inner change is occurring in you. Through the changes you are experiencing, this is leading you to great success. Your inner desired can manifest into great things. Just believe in yourself. 

2. Bumblebee Jasper

If you chose bumblebee, you are going through situations that will work out in your favour. Your intuition guided you to know if you are going through contracts or legal matters, things are working out in your favour. Even though you may not think it’s for your highest good, there is a much grander plan at work here, even with the challenges and doubts you may have about it. 

3. Celestite 

This stone has a deep connection to the angelic realm. It’s an intuitive validation from your angels that new opportunity is available to you now. You can now be free in doing what you love. Create, provide, be of service, any of your hearts desires are supported. Increased value and financial gain is the door that’s opening for you. Don’t be afraid to go in. 

4. Green Aventurine 

If you chose Green Aventurine, you are encouraged to grow emotionally. It’s a difference between needs and wants. If you are feeling stuck, it’s because you are guided to see what priorities you need to focus on and that may mean facing what you don’t want to face. You are on the right track to financial abundance, however there are some course corrections you may need to be aware of to advance to your highest potential. Focus on gratitude from a humble prospective. Things will become very clear. 

Thank you for taking part!! How did you do? Was your intuition telling you something you needed to hear? 

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