Intuition workout: your food is speaking

Using your intuition, pick a snack. Your intuition guides you to the message you need to hear. Typically not what you want, but what you need. This is why people ignore their intuition. 

So let’s see how intuitive you are today for your needs. Scroll below to see what messages your natural born instinct directed you to today! 

1. Fortune cookie 

If you picked this you are in a situation that you already know the answer, but are looking for a different one. Perhaps you have some fears or worries to work through and you just want to know if you, or others involved, are going to be ok. The answer is as long as you continue to pretend you don’t know the answer and disrespect your own inner knowing, the more you will feel the struggle. It’s time to not pretend not to know you are able to face your fears head on and make appropriate changes. 

2. The date

You chose this because you are needing the encouragement to keep going but rest yourself wisely. You push yourself too hard and need to find more efficient ways to maintain all your energy. Incredible opportunities are just a head. Don’t give up on yourself just yet. You are just tired, not a failure. Nourish your body with foods it can actually use to help you power up and give yourself a reset before you burn out. 

3. Kiwi 

You’re craving your own freedom to fulfill your desires from your heart space. Wouldn’t it feel good to submerce yourself in your passions and desires and not worry about how you are seen from the outside? How beautiful would you feel if you could break free from the cacoon you are in, much like the skin of the kiwi, your true inner vibrance and beauty is waiting to be seen by the world. Don’t worry about judgment of others, your refreshing sweetness is satisfying to even the biggest skeptics. Just believe. 

4. The pickle 

You have been guided here today to be validated that the reason you are feeling like you are in a shitty pickle sometimes with family or co-workers is because they don’t actually see you for you. The root of this reason is, you need to let them see you! You are needing to not expect them to just understand, but you are needing to help them understand by showing more of your true self and to be vulnerable to say “this is what I know, this is my truth”. When someone isn’t taking you seriously, evaluate your own self and see if you are withholding yourself from being exposed due to your own insecurities of rejection.  It’s hard to do, and makes people bitter sometimes. Just remember, don’t let your wounds of the past take you down by making you live life in fear. 

Thank you for taking part. I invite you to share your experience with this workout! Did you intuitively choose what you needed?

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