Intuition workout:

Using your intuition, pick the object that calls to you the most. Each object matches a vibe you are experiencing in your life. Your  intuition will guide you to choose your best match. It doesn’t matter if it’s something you want to hear or not, your intuition will always guide you to you mirroring vibe. 

Let’s play... 

1. The candle: you feel out of alignment. Maybe even a bit dizzy with your chaotic day. Possibly feeling vertigo or ears ringing and buzzing, or pressure in the head and throat. This is all to do with your chakra alignment being a bit off. You may be feeling a bit threatened today by seeming odd situations or happenstances and want to just clear it all away. If you feel like you can’t speak your truth or bring what you want to say in from a place of love, it’s your chakras out of whack. just know that your can bring your self back to centre by aligning your chakra system and the flow of energy in your life. 

On  a side note, this is a message to a few people reading this today with message from loved ones to “make a birthday wish” 

2 selenite: craving purification and peace. There is a lot happening in your life that you are just learning about. Like you awoke from a deep sleep and are just learning about things that you feel you missed out on in some strange way. Things that make sense that you already know, but don’t know how. This is a sign to let your worries and fears drift away. You are supported, capable and blessed. 

2. Titanium Aura Quartz: your magnetic field is weak today. You are needing to get some negativity from others off of you and a few knives out of your back. Titanium aura strengthens and clears the aura (magnetic field) in a very aggressive way. You likely chose this because you are at wits end with certain people and are ready to stop dealing with their drama draining you energetically. 

4. Arfvedsonite: you want results NOW! Have patience sweet one, things are working as fast as they can! If you chose this, you are trying to reach goals and manifest something in your life. You may have even asked for guidance and support from the Spirit world, or seeked the aid of crystals as tools to help align you through your thoughts and intentions. Either way, your are a manifesting machine. Keep believing your goals are possible because as long as you keep believing, everything is possible and meant for you! 

Thank you for taking part! I love hearing how you did in these workouts! 


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