Intuition workout: pick a tumbled stone

Everyone is intuitive. It’s a survival instinct. Intuition workouts help one understand why you are drawn to choose an item intuitively, based on its metaphysical properties that match what you are working on or through in your journey. You are always drawn to what is needed or being worked through based on the rate of frequency you are working on and the frequency the item is working on. You don’t choose a song that doesn’t suit your mood do you? All intuition works through your emotions, much like a play list choice, and matches vibrations of all things, whether you are consciously aware or not. 

So let’s see what going on with you based on your intuitive choice. Pick a stone you are drawn to the most and see what message it has for you below. 

1. Smoky quartz

This is a stone of transmutation of negative energies, and clearing low vibes from a space or persons aura (aka magnetic field). If you chose this stone, you are likely surrounded by negative emotions lingering in your space, or situations that are low vibrating. When your body responds to Smoky Quartz, you are intuitively guided to make changes in your environment and surroundings to uplift and transmute negative vibration such as lingering energy from an argument, hostile co-workers, frustrations and even grief. Having Smoky Quartz in your environment helps relieve all those things. 

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2. Petrified wood

The stone of ancient wisdom and spiritual growth. If you chose this you are learning how to move forward in your journey through the lens of your Spirit at a slow and steady pace. You are likely learning how to incorporate your spirit self into the physical world that others see you in. Growth can be painful and leave us with scars. Petrified wood teaches us that layer by layer, we become stronger and wiser. Scars become character and beauty. You are likely learning much about yourself based on your path in the past and your ancestors path too. You are beginning to learn about the records of you soul and how all your experiences create strength in you today. 

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3. Yellow fluorite 

Money. The stone used to draw in money, power and clarity. If you chose this, you are likely clearing your mind to find a way to call in your required resources. Perhaps you have anxiety about not having enough, or what your next step to take will be. Yellow fluorite activates the power centre to override the pressure and reclaim personal power. This stone is powerful for manifesting your desires. However, you are always cautioned not to work from an ego state of being. Always come from a place of greater good for all. Let your soul stamina shine through. 

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4. Tourmalinated Quartz

Amplified protection. Black tourmaline is a shield. A protector. Quartz is an amplifier. Together, in this stone, the properties are amplified protection. If you chose this you are experiencing some changes and experiences around you that you may feel a bit threatened by. You are likely the recipient of some negative behaviour being directed at you such as people gossiping or being disrespectful to you. This is a stone you’d be protected with, which is why it’s vibe called to you. 

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