Intuition workout: signs from loved ones

Our intuition helps us navigate through life, helping us to learn, and grow as evolving beings. But, did you know your intuition can also serve as a tool to receive validations from loved ones passed? You see, our intuition helps us see beyond the visible light spectrum of the material/physical world we live in. Information is light, and less than 0.0004% of known light is scientifically visible. That’s a tiny amount of information that vibrates at a rate that we can see, feel and hear. Beyond the light spectrum that we see, our loved ones exchange information with us through intuitive nudges to pay attention at precisely the right moment, or to notice something completely at random using light information that our intuition can read, but our mind is yet learning to process. In this intuition workout, you can validate what signs you can expect your loved ones to exchange with you through intuitive guidance. This intuitive workout only works in love and light, using light intuition of a higher vibration of source energy.  

Using your intuition, pick a card from above and scroll below to see what message you were intuitively guided to. 

Card 1

If you chose 1, you are intuitively guided to hear messages through song. It could be a hymn, a verse of a song stuck in your head, a song that reminds you of your loved one when you turn on the radio, or even hearing the same song over and over. There is a message in the song from your loved one, and they have intuitively guided you to hear their guidance. 

Card 2

Ears ringing is a validation of an energetic disturbance in your energy field, that causes a physical phenomenon. When a loved one steps into your energy/magnetic field (aka aura), an interference orrures. Much like radio wave interference on a stereo. Or a metal detector alarms when moved over a metal object. Your body physically responds to frequency of your loved ones. This is a validation that your loved ones speak to you and interact with your energy field. 

Card 3

This is a validation that your loved ones flicker the lights to get your attention. They also appear as glowing lights (orbs) in family photos and you may even be seeing little flashes of light out of your peripheral vision. 

Card 4

You are intuitively being guided to look up at the exact moment something occurred in  nature. Like a shooting star, a flash of light at sunset, dancing northern lights. Your loved ones use your intuition to get you to pay attention and mobilize you to be at the exact right place at the right time, giving you a sign they are right there with you. 

Thank you for taking part!

I love hearing how you did with your validations!! 


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