Intuition workout: root of things

This intuition workout is designed to help you see why you choose the foods you do. Your body communicates with you, letting you know what it needs to work in perfect harmony. The trouble is, we forget how to listen to what it is we need. 

This exercise  will guide you to the oracle of your choice. The “root” of your conflict through the frequency match of the foods. Each food has metaphysical properties that are directly linked to your emotional, spiritual and physical health. 

Using your intuition, pick what food you are most drawn to. Scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

1. Ginger

If you chose ginger, you are likely feeling tense. You may be struggling to feel relaxed and may feel very more emotional, concerned, reactive or agitated with situations more than you typically would. Your body may be trying to let go of emotions, and it feels like tension or restlessness. 

This choice could indicate your body may be experiencing a build up of lactic acid caused from stress. 

You are likely experiencing a lot of tongue biting. You may not be able to fully express what you want to say and are needing to find a way to release your tension caused from holding back your truth in a healthy way. 

You are learning how to let sh*t go for your greater good, and you are trying feel more in control of how you resolve your response to situations. 

2. Garlic 

If you chose garlic, you are likely feeling that you need protection from invasive people, situations and overall trying to achieve clean health. You are craving a stable environment, free of anything that can contaminate your well being with its toxicity. You may feel like you are battling your way to feel more stable in life. 

You likely are very empathic and pick up on the feelings, emotions and even physical illnesses of others. You likely feel very vulnerable to your environment and are most comfortable in the safety of your own space. 

Rest is very important. You need to be mindful that resting is non-negotiable. You need to make down time, otherwise your body will create it for you!!! 

It is important to be mindful that you can protect yourself from being energetically drained from others. Using visual protection strategies creating energetic boundaries, eating healing and cleansing foods, caring for your endocrine and lymphatic system and putting your needs first. 

3. Onion

Note: people whom have had streptococcus tend to crave onion after symptoms have passed. 

If you chose onion you likely are sensitive to moon cycles, solar flares, and geological events. This has a lot to do with heavy metal build up in the body. 

Your body is likely trying to repair itself from strains, bruises or over exertion. You are likely needing some sort of recovery support in your lungs (could be from bronchitis or pneumonia or inflammation caused discomfort). Some people whom have had stomach ulcers will pick an onion for its support to heal. 

Choosing onion reveals you have some anger in you. Resentment that is built up within you will be easily released with more onion in your life. This choice also brings in the validation that you have been blamed for what you actually resolved. 

4. Sweet potato 

If you chose sweet potato, you are or have been likely living a life with chronic inflammation. You may have skin issues such as dryness, rashes, psoriasis and maybe even shingles. Hormones may get the best of you at times with your body flip flopping it’s chemical response based on environment, what you consume and even people. It is believed that when estrogen builds up in the body, people can often crave the sweet potato to rid the buildup in the organs and endocrine system. 

You are likely having sleep patterns that are less than ideal, you crave emotional support and you may just need a break from your current reality.  

The greatest medicine in sweet potatoes is it teaches us to appreciate life for what it is. There is sweetness in the simple things. Finding yourself reflecting on life’s simplicity will be the best medicine for your mind, body and soul. 

Thank you for taking part!! Please share with your friends and write me about your intuition experience!! I love hearing how you did in these workouts! 



Note: special mention to the teachings of Anthony William - the Medical Medium 

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