Intuition workout: all the things

How this works: 

I read energy. And so do you. The difference is, you may not realize you are reading the energy to match how you feel inside. All energy has a tone to it that can be translated into a language we can understand by feeling. I read the energy based on the emotional match of the tone. The tone is set by colour, shape, composition and just simply it’s “vibe”.  

When you choose an item, I am able to use the object as a “medium” and read that object into an emotional translation that is directly a reflection of why you picked it in the first place. 

Your thoughts and emotional experiences and expressions are not invisible in the energy world. They have a specific hue just like a rainbow shows it’s true colours. All of your choices in life are a direct match to how you feel inside. Each hue is connected to an emotion connected to joy or pain. 

Let’s find out about you. 

Using your intuition, pick an object. Scroll below to see what messages it has about you. 

1. The heart

If you chose the heart, you are on a financial success journey. You have worked very hard to align yourself to financial security and success for you and your family. You are definitely on the way there. You are always working towards harnessing your personal power to improve yourself. You are powerful at creating and manifesting your own success, even when others disapprove or can’t see the clear picture like you do. 

You don’t feel stable and secure unless you feel financially safe. Your fear can get in the way and block your abundant flow. This happens mostly because you are super intuitive and can get in your own way sometimes. Your best advise always is to follow your own guidance through. 

Your best quality is you can create great success for yourself by creating your own opportunities. This is a positive influence in this world. 

2. The flower

If you chose the flower, you are working on achieving your dreams and digging into your creativity. You are using creativity mostly to compensate on willpower to achieve your intentions, and trying to harness your inner power. 

You are working on new beginnings such as the birth of new opportunities. To some that means a birth, career, or even new ideas. You are learning how to trust in the process of life and how to embrace the true fact that you can handle and grow from all that life throws at you. You have been intending to get quiet and reflect on your life’s busy moments. Finding purpose is important to you. 

You are equipped with the ability to see the good in all things, however this can present its own issues because you must see the good through yourself first in the practice of unconditional love of self. Sometimes this presents a problem and can be overwhelming. In the past you have changed your dreams and desires to make things easier, which is why you can sometimes feel like you are sitting on a pity pot. The good news about that is you are a flower, and flowers are nurtured from a little bullshit once in  awhile. 

You carry a burden of guilt for yourself and others. Your biggest challenges in life is to change your flow back to your truest desires and stop rerouting your needs, desires and wants for the purpose of convenience. Your soul can’t grow consumed with limiting beliefs that you “can’t “ do what you truly want in this life. 

3. The feather

If you chose the feather you are working on fairness and balance. You are wanting to be justified in this life by recognition of your truth. 

Success in all you do is important to you. Especially when you feel like you are flying high. It’s a liberating feeling to know truly how a labour of love can create positive change and growth in your life. 

On the down side, sometimes energy can get stuck in your flow to success and it likely frustrates the f*ck out of you. You are learning to keep the flow to successfully achieving all you set out to, you must keep the flow at a constant steady motion. That means when things get frustrating, it’s a good practice to clear away emotional baggage that you lug around. The pauses in flow are directly cause from unresolved emotions. Dealing with that promotes positive change. 

You also need to be mindful that spiritual balance is just as important as physical and emotional balance. Keeping on top of those things is your key to life. 

4. The unicorn 

If you chose the unicorn, you are learning how to be the clean up crew for other people’s mistakes, or learning to face your own mistakes and embracing them as opportunities to learn. Maybe even both of those things. 

Life has likely been a shit show for you and a little magical whimsy seems like it’s just the right medicine to lift your heart. It’s a tough tough life you have experience or watched others experience. 

You are learning to take what you got for life experiences, and make situations better by using that wisdom and knowledge in partnership with what you’ve been dealt to deal with. 

You are an important roll in many peoples lives, directly and indirectly. It’s a challenging way to learn that everything really does happen for a reason and that reason is directly a response to the choices people make including how you respond to it. 

Your job right now is to be an observer and use the wisdom you see to better your situation now and in the future. 

Thank you for taking part!! Please share with your friends, and leave a comment below!! 

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