Intuition workout: let’s rock this

Using your intuition, pick a stone. You always pick what you need. Not necessarily what you want. Scroll below to see what messages you have intuitively been guided to today. 

If you chose 1

You chose Labradorite. The message for you today is about new beginnings and setting some new intentions. You have some interesting dynamics at your disposal. You may not see resolution direct on as you face some situations in your life. Making a shift to your perspective will expose to you what you need to see. Trust you can trust your inner gps as long as you keep your decisions and intentions away from your ego. 

If you chose 2

The frog. You are going through some serious purification. In the wake of this you may experience aches, pains, troubling or difficult to deal with situations arise with people that annoy the sh*t out of you. You may even break out in zits or get a rash. It’s all part of the process. Your emotions are detoxing and purifying. Unfortunately your emotions make deposits in your environment and physical body, so in order to detox and purify, you will experience it physically. No worries. Just be gentle on yourself and eat easily digestible foods and get a lot of water and rest. 

And try not to throat punch the annoying people. 

If you chose 3

You chose the Kanji stone for courage. You are intuitively guided to the edge of logical reason. Your intuition is trying to karate kick you into facing some fears and taking a leap of faith for yourself. Sometimes it’s easier said than done when you have to show up for yourself and step into the unknown. This is a validation that the more you resist what you fear, the more you will feel resistance. Replace that fear with courage. Be fearless like you are meant to be. This is your chance to say what you want to say, and be who you want to be. All you have to do is find enough courage to take one step in the direction of your true you. More steps will follow with great victory. 

If you chose 4

Red picture Jasper. Physical things. The image of what you wish you had or what others have that you want. You likely chose this because there is nothing more in the world that you want at this time more than some physical things you’ve been working towards. It’s your hearts desire to manifest the image you see for yourself and the physical world you live in. This is a validation that you are very secure in your ability to manifest what your truest desires are. I must warn you though, always be careful what you wish for, you just might get more than you bargained for. Balance your wants with gratitude of what you have. This will help to not offset the balance in your life when your desires physically manifest. 

Thank you so much for taking part. I’d love to hear how you did with your intuitive pick!!

Much love, many blessings to you,


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