Intuition workout: unicorn oracle

Using your intuition, pick a card. Scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

Card 1

You are being encouraged to see all good things in your life. Discipline your thoughts. All is well if you choose to see the best in all situations. That action alone can change everything about your life. You deserve that. You deserve to experience and expect that good surrounds you. It’s just up to you to see it. 

Card 2

Not all is as it seems. Some illusion is at work here. Do not tell too much, keep your cards close to your heart about plans, especially around creative projects and original ideas. 

Someone is also giving you less than the full truth. If your heart led you to this card through intuition, trust you can trust your discernment with what is true and not true with those around you. 

Card 3

The darkness within you is not something to fear. What you dislike about yourself is a blessing. Everyone has a shadow and it’s an important part of what makes the good up in your world. Having shadow is important because it teaches us how to integrate what we don’t like into something greater. Illuminate. You are encouraged to shine a light on the shadow in you and see it’s not so bad at all. You are better because of it. 

Card 4

Everyone is a healer. Including you. We all have the ability to heal others from a place of love and experience. All healers are created through experience just like you have been with all your hardships and downfalls, frustration and triumphs. The difference between you and everyone else is your experience gives you the potential to be a great healer. The first step to that is to heal yourself. Healing yourself is a loaded statement because you will always have to heal something within you. The more you help yourself, the more you can help others that you love and beyond that, the networks of individuals you can reach just by making a difference in yourself is profound. Give it some thought. You’ve been guided to do so. 

Thank you all for taking part! If you love these intuition workouts please share with your communities and friends!! 

Much love,


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