Intuition workout: fairy

Using your intuition, pick a card. Scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

Card 1 

You are working very closely with nature and the messages it’s trying to communicate to you. Aware or not, you have all kinds of animals, and even plants working in harmony with you. For example, a healthy plant in your home or office withers after someone had been there, it’s a message about the energy, the vibration. Animals are also working as messengers with you in the physical world and in the spirit world too. Through dreams, thoughts, or just physically seeing them. Animals are receptive to the dangers and also to the good. 

Card 2

You have been receiving messages about learning with plant essences and herbal remedies. It’s not coincidence. You are guided to nurturing yourself through nature. Becoming more grounded and connected. You are craving simplicity of your daily conflicts. This is a validation to look at herbs, essential oils and ancient practice to nurture yourself. Bring plants and flowers into your space will help your energy mend current traumas you are facing. Nature supports you. 

Card 3

Life is a battle today. In all complete honesty it’s f*cking hard. The surrender makes sense in some ways and it’s horrifying to think of the option to go “home” early before work here is done, but who really understands that. It’s easy to drift into this line of thinking when we are asleep to our souls calling. When we just can’t figure it all out. Today, talk to someone. Swear, get mad, shout, let it all out and then take a deep breath and invite your spirit to your greater meaning in life. Ask yourself those hard questions and ask others as well. Sometimes hardships are the things that wakes us up to what we really need to do with our time on earth. 

Card 4

The lessons of your journey are coming through in story. You are learning about purpose and life through the storytelling of what once was. How you relate to that will be your own true test. Life is guiding you through a series of games and riddles that may be extremely testing in your spirit and deep within your soul. Practice discernment. Use the stories of the past to shape your future and see what is important as you journey forward. Watch for synchrony and repeating numbers. 

Male influences are strong teachers in your life at this time. See the good in all lessons they have given you about life. 

Thank you so much for taking part. I encourage you to visit my website and explore some of the free content if you are struggling at all with anxiety or depression. You are not alone. Please feel free to reach out to me and ask about aromatherapy or crystal therapy that can aid you. 

Much love 


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