Intuition workout: Shaman wisdom

Using your intuition, pick a card and scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

You will always pick the frequency to match your emotional state of being here and now. It might not be what you want, but it’s what you need. The lessons of accountability for your choices can be beautiful. 

Card 1

It is not possessions and things you are looking for. The material world has you dissatisfied that is why you are always looking for more. Your hunting for your own skills and values. You are hunting your potential and your truth. You are hunting for yourself to sustain you with your true talents. 

Card 2

Resolutions are being called upon for action. You are seeking support from family and very possibly are not receiving it. It’s frustrating when we lose our way. Especially in the spiritual bond between those we need to support us in life. In this situation the way to be found in the spiritual connection to family is by experiencing a loss in the first place. Hard life lessons to live by, but to see the significance of the tribe of the spiritual family can only be experienced through conflict. Say you are sorry and let what ever is troubling you go. Even if you don’t see it as your fault. Your problem is much larger than that.  let it go so you can see what you really need to support you. Also animals are part of the spiritual family. Lose the attitude towards distructive thought patterns to reconnect spiritually. 

Card 3

Something has ended in your life. Let the focus not be on what is no more, focus on what has been learned and experienced to open you into new possibilities and experiences. See the new not the gone. See the hope and the light, not the shadow. This will release you from under the black cloud of fear and the unknown. This is not a time of doom and gloom. It is a time of change, awareness of new ideas that can be meaningful and powerful. It’s a time of welcoming the opportunity to begin a new chapter in your life. Take nothing for granted. 

Card 4

Love is tricky. To live without discrimination is to realize that who or how others love may not be the problem to our frustration. It’s how our heart feels about what we want or need. Troubles in love do not come from other people, the troubles come from not understanding ourselves. No one deserves blame for that. What you long for is internal. Your ability to feel love will happen when you allow it. Open your heart to receive and give without illusions criticism, disbelief and emotional baggage tainting what you could have. 

Thank you for taking part. How was your choice? Did you pick what you needed??

Be sure to share with friends and inspire others to trust their intuitive choices. We always pick what we need. 

Much love,


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