Intuition workout: woman body & wisdom

Using your intuition, pick a card. You will always pick the frequency to match what you need, like it or not. 

Scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

Card 1

Your message is that you have much to nurture and grow. It’s now time to take care of what you have growing and going on in your thoughts already. This could be career, creations, ideas. It’s about creating a healthy space for your ideas to become more than a thought. Think of all your desires and needs all need a safe place to become. Create an uplifting environment to allow all your desires to grow. In other words, find inspiration and lifting situations and stay away from negativity or self doubting thoughts. 

Card 2

Control is not being called for at this time. Adaptability is. If relationships seem out of control and one does not see the others point of view, it’s because there has been growth in the person that is not matching the known standard of the partnership. Let go of was was and let go of controlling the expected point of view. To make things work, each person needs to align themselves to adapt to the others personal growth. Relationships only grow when each person is willing to grow with the other or adapt to what changes the other person may be going through. Support is called for. Not blame, or rightseeking. 

Card 3

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can not make the right choices on your own or be your own leader. Seek friendships and relationships with those that support you equally and believe in you. Seek relationships that inspire you to believe in yourself. If you catch yourself being superior over someone and criticizing them, check in with yourself and look at where you are being criticized. It all comes down the line. You attract and radiate out what you have going on within you. If you are harsh and critical to yourself, others will be towards you too. Relationships are your mirror to your own inner truth. 

Card 4

You’re encouraged to take a good look at your home, your clothes, your friends, hobbies, job even your hair. If you take a good look, does all that is in your life reflect your true self? Are you surrounded with things and situations that say “this is totally me!!!”..... you’re encouraged to see yourself in the life you have created. If it’s a big YES this is totally an expression of all I am and love, than congrats you are doing something right and are encouraged to appreciate all you have worked towards. If your answer is no, you are guided to beginning to take some steps towards designing into your life expressions that radiate you. Let more of your true you experience the world. 

Thank you so much for taking part. I appreciate your participation. I hope you find confidence in your choices and validation you always pick what you need. 

Much love, many blessings 


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