Intuition workout: guidance

Using your intuition, pick a card. You will always pick the same vibration if energy you are working on subconsciously. That is why you feel drawn to one more than the other. The vibration it radiates resonates with your emotional energetic match. 

Scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

Card 1

If you could take away all the distractions you have in life and enter into a quiet place that held all of your secrets to your successful life it would look a lot like this image. You are searching to find the good in the bad. You are looking to reflect what you know into the outside world but may have been struggling to do so. This is a validation that you are supported by spirit, your desires and prayers are heard. The key to all you seek is in the reflection you see within yourself. This means find good in what is bad and step confidently into your souls growth. You truly are in the middle of a big personal evolution. 

Card 2

Patters are set into motion by how we respond to situations. Today if you respond to a situations in a negative way, that energy is sent out into the universe in a wave of energy. Like sound traveling, or a waters ripple. Through space and time you can catch up to you behaviour as you live your life as all this charged up energy of your responses to situations travels through space and time as a fractal. This is how patterns become. You will see a repeat of patterns based on your response to life situations. It’s because you’ve caught up with your fractal in space and time. You are being guided to choose to respond differently and change your fate by altering the type of energy wave you are sending into your future. 

Card 3

So it feels like you are walking a tightrope some days? You need to focus on balance. Sometimes over extending your efforts in one area actually withholds you from the desired outcome. Focus on all desires and balance all things. For example, if you want to feel more financially secure and stable, don’t only focus on that. Release your mind from that worry and allow the balance of fun and laughter equal the playing field of your focus. This releases the energy to begin to manifest your truest desires. Balance is key and the missing link you are seeking. 

Card 4

You really need to take time to enjoy and acknowledge your accomplishments. You are working very hard towards goals and have much to be grateful for, but you are in the verge of overwhelming and overdoing yourself. Slow it down. Stop and enjoy the sweet nectar of life you have created for yourself on this journey. It will give you the opportunity to gain clairity and see potential you can’t see while you are in a big rush. 

Thank you so much for taking part! I love so much to hear how your choice was for you. Please leave a comment and share this exercise with your friends! The more it’s shared, the more I posts like these you will see coming from me. 

Many blessings to you,


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