Intuition workout: pick your medicine

Using your intuition pick a card. Scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

Card 1

You have chose this card as a symbol of the need to release old ways that do not serve your purpose. Patterns that have restricted your new growth are ready to be let go of.  Take the opportunity to honour yourself. It is okay to grieve who you used to be as you let old ways rest. 

Card 2

You have chosen this card as a symbol that you need to toughen up. Stop letting others treat you like a door mat and take you for granted. You can’t blame them it’s all on you for allowing yourself to have no boundaries. It’s time to self respect. Alternatively you may feel like hiding from situations but is it really what is best for you? 

Card 3

When you have no choice but to cross enemy lines and fight for what’s right, the best practice is the opossum medicine of strategy. Outwit the opposing force looks like it may be your best option in your troublesome situations ahead. 

Card 4

The medicine of owl brings wisdom through omens and silent observation. Use that to your advantage. Dreams are meaningful as is the restless sleep patterns. There is deep meaning in all that surrounds you. This card means you need to pay attention to all you do and experience. Great truths are ready for you to puzzle together. 

Thank you so much for taking part in this intuition workout. I love hearing how you did in your pick! Be sure to leave me a note and share this post with friends if you enjoy seeing free exercises like these. 

Much love to you


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