Intuition workout: crystals frequency

I have a goal in 2018 to teach everyone that they can trust their choices with confidence. I aim to teach everyone, including you, that no matter what we always choose the frequency of energy we are working on. If our choices lead us astray, we can adjust our frequency to have other choices and other outcomes. We always pick what we need. Sometimes it’s just not what we want. Much love,


Using your intuition pick a card and scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

Card # 1

Card # 2

Card # 3

Card #4

I hope you enjoy this intuition workout! I love hearing from you, let me know how accurate it was for you! *** Have you heard the news that I have become affiliated with Sage Goddess as a focus of holistic health? I now can bring you an amazing curriculum of study and certification program, commissions on links you share, top quality essential oils, sacred tools, crystals of any kind, the study of ancient civilizations and the medicine they used, life changing pure essential oil blends for incredible aromatherapy and classes to teach you how to use oils, herbs, stones and rituals for holistic health of you, your family, friends or clients. This month of study we are learning about the Sumerian civilization. Did you know they were the first to document disease and medicine? We will be looking at the stones, herbs, oils and sacred practices they used and even get to work with the oils and crystals to learn how to use them today. This is all Happening in my Holistic Healer affiliate program. If you are interested in learning more, please visit my website  

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