Clean up your aura and cut malicious cords

The only person that can really let go of energy ties is you. Negativity and bad energy from others can get caught up in your energy and manifest into physical issues like pain and sickness. When you are a victim of psychic attack, you need to do these things 1) protect yourself. Call in arch angel Michael and your Spirit Guides to surround you in protection of white light. 2) sage your magnetic field aka aura with the intention that any and all negative and low vibration energy be released from you emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally for the greater good of all. Visualize it going to the earth to be recycled. 3) call in energy of love, prosperity, joy and happiness to replace the energy you removed. Otherwise you will have a void that becomes an energy vacuum. Energy vacuums will collect negativity from your surroundings that are usually low frequency meaning negative. 4) visualization of your aura to detect any tears, holes or weak spots. You will likely see cords of energy connecting to you that are causing you harm. Those come from people whom we may not get along with or are at conflict with. It’s what a psychic attack is and it comes from thoughts. If you see these cords, visually cut them with the help of arch angel Michael. Only cut the cords that are malicious. Including the ones you send out to other people. It’s causing Karmic infractions to keep a negative cord open to someone else. 5) visualize the cords healing with white or green light. Allow the energy cord to retract to the person that’s sending it to you. Send it back to them with love and healing intent they will heal themselves from the malicious behaviour. 6) shower your entire energetic self with a visual of white light to rinse away any other low frequencies 7) thank your guides and arch angel Michael for assisting you and ask for your connection to be closed. Focus on wiggling your toes and being grounded. 8.) take an Epson salt or Himalayan salt bath. You can use herbs and EO in it you feel called to use. This will continue to help heal your aura. If you can’t bath, use incense or smudge 9)use gratitude to continually raise your vibration. Do not put any energy or thought into anger for at least 7 days. Focus on love, healing and gratitude only. 10) seek a Shaman or Energy worker if you do not see any results within 3 days of serious effort 11) use essential oils, crystals and intentions to keep your energy clean, clear and protected. 

Bad luck, and resistance in life is created from our perspective and low vibration of energy that’s withholding forward flow. It stems from what you are allowing your responses to life to work on and how others influence you and your situations.  

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I hope this helps. 

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