Intuition workout: pick a vibe

Using your intuition, pick a card and scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

Card 1

If you chose this card, you are working on creating more of what you want in your life but may feel like the abundance is flowing very slowly when you are ready for more to happen fast. Use gratitude as your magic wand. Saying Thank you and meaning it, is the energetic qual to saying abracadabra. open your ability to receive by switching to a higher vibration of gratitude. 

Card 2

If you chose this card, don’t freak out just yet!! This is not actually a bad card. It symbolizes the change in you, meaning you are or will soon be experiencing a change in  your life that will never be the same, but something new will be replacing it. So if you  get fired from your job, or have to move, don’t worry, something better is beginning for you. This card literally means what was will not exist as it used to be. So apply that how you wish. 

Card 3

If you chose card 3 you are needing a little tough love to expose your fear of the unknown to you. Your encouraged not to live the rest of your life with regrets. Also, don’t fear what you don’t know. Learn about it and conquer it. That’s what life is for. 

Card 4

If you chose this card you are about to or have a pay off with all you have done for yourself towards your goals. Your dedication towards a strong financial future is like planting seeds. Your money seeds are growing! Keep that gratitude going and enjoy what you have created in your life. 

Thank you so much for taking part. How accurate did you pick?? I’d love to hear from you ! 

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