Intuition workout: animal guides

Pick a card and scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

Card 1

You have the validation to move full throttle forward in your desires. Put fear to the side it's an illusion. You will succeed. You have the support in the physical world and also in the spirit world. Trust your own guidance. You are safe. 

Card 2

You have been working towards what you are facing. It might not make sense right now of what that means, but you have been preparing yourself through life experiences to face what you have coming up. Don't worry it's likely not all bad. Get excited for changes. If you are welcoming a new job or a new relationship for example, congrats and enjoy. If you are looking at difficult changes, keep your chin up, there is a greater plan in the process. You are making big life moves right now. Enjoy the journey. 

Card 3

Lead with love. No matter what you have going on, people will judge you and point out what you do wrong. Let them. Take charge of your own desires, decisions and spend less time hoping everyone will approve. You're needed to lead with love and show those that judge to see compassion. To see passion in their own dreams. Remember to lead with love and not to judge those that judge you. They might not know better but you do. Shine and lead yourself through the resistance of judging back and you will be very powerful. 

Card 4 

Think outside of the box and be innovative in your own right. You are an original!! Let that be known! It's a great time to open up to create or dive into the creative projects that have been tugging at you. No greater time than now. Your soul is bursting with creativity. Let it loose! 

Thanks so much for taking the time to take part! Be sure to visit my website and browse the new items in the shop!! 

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