Intuition workout: what's your number

Using your intuition, pick a card and scroll below to see what message it has for you. 

Card 1

At a time when you might even question "what good can come out of this" the answer is many and the validation is YES good is on its way to you. Focusing on the outcome you want will create the outcome you desire. Where you put your energy is what will grow. Your energy and thoughts are seeds that grow into your future. Your kindness to yourself and others will reward into happy endings if you keep your energy clean from negativity. 

Card 2

You are being encouraged to step away from some situations that are toxic to you emotionally and physically. You need to mend. This could be just getting some rest, letting go of a thought pattern that is dragging you into a toxic energetic soup of emotions or getting out into a different environment. Whatever is going on in your life, you need to take a step back and breathe in order to make and positive forward motions. Let your emotions and energy go through a renewal process instead of feeling stuck. You need this. 

Card 3

Time to start showing up for yourself. You, yes YOU are important enough to have what you want and need in life. It's time to get clear and say " I can do this". If your spirit guides have ever needed a cigarette break, with a bottle of whiskey throwing their hand up in the air, this would be the validation that they are trying to get you to see you are worthy of your hearts desires and you can move forward. The only one resisting is you. 

Card 4

Double down!! You are being taught about your intuition and how to use it, trust it and exist with your natural ability to be openly aware. You may be taught through the teacher of another meaning seeing what you need to mend in yourself through another. Often someone will show up as a teacher in our lives that will show us things about ourselves that we can Intuitively pick up in them. We get caught up thinking our intuition is about others, when it's actually showing us how to become evolved in that situation ourselves. You are encouraged to use your intuition in harmony with you own personal life. 

Thank you so much for taking part!! 

Happy thanksgiving to you and yours. 

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