Intuition workout: Crystal powder

Using your intuition, pick a crystal you feel drab to. Scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 


Carnealian/Fire Agate: if you chose this you're intuition is guiding you to surrender your fears. Release the need to control the outcome and embrace the adventures you are about to embrace. Allow your passion to run fiercely. Step into courage and laugh in the face of fear. Remember that life is not about the destination. Life is about the journey so embrace the value of experience and create a masterpiece. 


Super 7: you're being reminded that you never truly are alone. When you feel like you are, it's simply because you are feeling detached from yourself. Find time reconnect with yourself and watch the perspective of your world change like magic. This crystal reminds us that when we think we have overcome one mountain to find ourselves at the base of another, remember to observe where you come from and where you are. Examine everything. Sometimes we need to appreciate the view and no matter how hard it is to climb, the view always gets better. 


Golden sheen Obsidian: your intuition has guided you to validate you need or desire to have the right relationships in your life and are looking for direction in relationships. We so often characterized relationships as good or bad but forget that we ultimately chose whom to share that energy and friendship with. The most valuable thing anyone can give anyone else is their time. Who do you allow to share your time and space with and is it healthy for you? Your energy goes where you put effort to. If you allow someone to create misery in your life that's where your life and energy goes. Miserably. You chose it's your power. Claim it. 


Turquoise: you are guided to this very special piece of natural turquoise to receive the validation that you can do, be, have and become anything you want to be. Just believe. You are encouraged to live more deeply and express your desires from a place of love. Your desires and your dreams are your medicine. Resistance and withholding yourself creates more boundaries than one can count. Set yourself free and jump into your true authentic self. 

Thank you for taking part. Much love to you. 


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