Intuition workout: Monday energy shake up

Pick a card that you are drawn to. Scroll below and see what message it has for you. 

Card 1

You are feeling the emotions and pain of how it feels to experience love and loss. Grief, pain and emotional wounds seem impossible to navigate life with, but the reality is that love is so powerful energetically and how we love and have been loved is so powerful energetically that when it is no longer able to take physical form in our life we feel empty and displaced but it seems forceful because energetically it still exists. The energy is boundless on the path of love. If you have had to let someone or something go, even a part of yourself that you are releasing yourself from by changing patterns and beliefs in yourself, remember that the energy of how you loved is still there. You can learn and take action to mend and heal by learning how to live with your love and the love of others energetically instead of physically present. You are supported. 

Card 2

You are being guided to find appreciation and acceptance towards yourself. You need to go on a self love journey meaning that you need to open your heart to receive what you need and believe that you deserve to. As much as other people do need you and your attention, you are being encouraged to pay attention to how you can allow others to be there for you. Sometimes people pleasing happens without us intending and sometimes the most impressive is the ability to say "no". If you have made changes in the direction of your health emotionally, physically and spiritually this is your intuitive validation from Spirit saying "good job" 

Card 3

This is a validation that whatever illness or struggles you have had, you are being aligned to resolution. If you have felt a strong presence around you, this is the energy of a higher source working on you. Some people refer to this energy as God. You may even have seen the number 3 a lot lately and repeating numbers. This is validation that profound healing is taking place. Remember that your prayers or intentions to receive health and healing can come in many ways. It could be a doctor, a therapist or healer in the physical world that aligns you to the right path, but always remember that is part of their journey. Selected by a higher source to help mend you. Remember the Universe, God, the Creator what ever it is you believe in, a higher force works through each of us. We are all a channel of Devine light and healing. It's our willingness to not resist the flow of resolution when it comes is the mastery of life. 

Card 4

This past while has been very hard on you. Lots to worry about. You are not alone. Many people are feeling the same way. It has been greatly influenced by the events globally. See we are all connected to a network like a grid of energy. When something happens in that energy field, all those that are sensitive and receptive will feel it and respond to it emotionally or through actions. This is common to happen as anxiety. (Please see September 12 classroom as we will be talking about this more in depth). 

This is your validation that you will begin to feel relief around you. Anxiety lifting as you begin to learn and understand how receptive you are to the world around you and how it creates anxiety in your life. 

Thank you so much for taking part in this intuition workout. I hope you are having an amazing long weekend. Much love



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