Intuition workout: Spirit Medicine

Using your intuition, pick a card and scroll below to see what messages it has to reveal for you. 

Card 1

You are faced with transformation. Not to fear, it's a great time of illumination of the shadow side of yourself allowing you to release what is withholding you from your advances. Being a truth seeker will lead you to great validations as your intuition is strong, your wisdom and knowing is anchored in you and you are ready to face anything. Even the things you think you can't see. Your ability to open yourself to see truth will help you sore.

Card 2 

You are noticed. You are appreciated. Even though it feels at times like you have made many sacrifices and have seen no rewards, trust that the tiny miracles of gratitude surround you. Spirit recognizes your generosity towards others and situations and brings you into alignment with special moments. A dragon fly zipping in front of your nose, a butterfly bopping into your window catching your attention, a bird signing you a song, a most random rainbow or shooting star at the exact moment you look up. Spirit surrounds you in miracles of gratitude almost every moment of everyday. You are seen. 

Card 3

You are being guided to believe in yourself with this choice of card. You are being asked to remember you are strong, and you are stable with who you are and what you have to offer. Never second guess your own true self, or power. You are needed to stand strong and tall in your own truth in this world at this time. Surrender to your inner truth, not your doubts and fears. Let those go and be who you were meant to be. You are supported. 

Card 4

If you chose this card, you likely looked at them all. You are trying to detox or release old ways of being, old images of yourself, your actions or other people in your life. You are transforming to a healthier you which means getting rid of a lot of garbage that makes you feel any less than well. Energetically, your soul is begging for an energy detox by removing low vibrating energy from your energy field. You are asking yourself for a reset to a more neutral playing field to be healthy and strong in your future. Nurture your body with healthy foods and lots of water to aid yourself in this healing process. 

Thanks so much for taking part! Where did your intuition take you? Stay tuned into my page and website for some more fun stuff, webinars and classes... and free reading too. 



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