Intuition workout: map

Pick a card using your intuition. Scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

Card 1

You are being nudged to be clear. You have been working so hard towards goal and you are almost there. It's now time to trust the process that all you CLEARLY desire will begin to take shape in your life. The process of co- creating your desires requires you to be very clear of your intention. 

Card 2

You have been working hard towards new things, beginnings or abundance but it's just not flowing it at the rate you desire. It's trying to, but you need to make some room for it to come in! Your being encouraged to release and clear out what you don't need emotionally, spiritually and even cleaning house will allow you to hold space for your new needs, desires wishes and prayers. 

Card 3

All the lessons in the past that took you through situations the hard way have paid off. Flex your skill with what you face because you have got some serious strength. You are reminded of this at this time. The question is never "is it possible" the question is "how will you adapt. How will you balance". Weakness does not come from situations. Strength does. Weakness comes from doing nothing or nothing happening.... that's not like you, you are strong. 

Card 4

The most valuable thing you personally own is yourself. You are about to really step into valuing yourself and your true self worth. Personal fulfillment may have been a struggle in the past especially with financial dues weighing down, but this is shifting now. You are entering into great richness within yourself. Abundance flows. Much to be grateful for. You will soon see. 

Thank you so much for taking part!! Be sure to visit the "book a reading" page and see what is happening!! I hope to connect with you soon! 

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