The power of love -true story of mediumship

So tonight was a HUGE lesson in the power of love. Absolutely nothing can stand in the way of love. Not even death. Earlier today I had opened a thread on my news feeds on Facebook offering 3 people a chance to receive a audio response to their questions and I was able to follow through and give the response to their questions. As I was recording audio readings to send to my clients my partner started calling me which he knows not to do during my work hours. Thinking that was odd I called him back after he called me several times during my reading for a client. He told me he never called and that he must have been pocket dialling me. As a courtesy, he locked out his phone so in order to call it would need a code. Thinking the problem was solved I went back to work, as did he and didn't think much about it again ... or at least until he started calling me again, but this time my phone flew off the side table where I do my readings and hit the floor. That rattled me a bit. I called my partner back but he never answered because he didn't actually have his phone. A bit freaked out I was able to finally get a hold of him and he said "my phone must be f*cked up, I'm not doing it!" ...... For what ever reason I got off the phone with him and it hit me as a mediumship reading. There was a young man that was trying to get a hold of his partner, his fiancée. He had a name that sounded like my partners name. So I went to the thread on my Facebook page that I had previously opened for people to contact me and asked if anyone had a loved one that passed with that name... a woman reached out and I was able to call her on the phone and connect her to her fiancé that had passed away. The moral of this story is never ever underestimate the power of love because not even death can stand in the way. 💚💚 

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