Intuition workout: gems

Using your intuition, pick the card that draws your attention. Find out what messages it has for you below. 

Card 1

Kristy's message: if you chose this card you are going through a detox process involving a person or a situation. Sometimes chaos has a way to clean up our emotional turmoil by bringing big issues allowing us to gain clairity and growth. When faced with challenging situations especially with others, it's easy to let emotions take over the best of us. This blocks any resolution to move forward. Find creative ways to move away from frustrated emotions. Instead of letting chaos take your emotions over, take over your emotions and line it up to move your focus away from the problem and aim only towards the solution. 

Card 2

Kristy's message: have you been feeling defensive lately? Or facing personal challenges that may even root to when you were a kid? Don't worry you are not alone on this. It is human nature to want to heal everything and everyone. As a matter of fact the purpose of life in the first place is to heal and to love. To love, to heal, to protect. Remember that when we need to be the right seeker or expect who or what we care about so passionately to be respected and acknowledge by others in a place of love, we are often reflecting what we are needing or wanting on a personal level. Reflect inwards. Find kindness towards yourself, others and whatever wounds you may have buried. Let them heal even if you need to feel vulnerable. the passion that strikes you is a inward battle. 

Card 3 

Kristy's message: so you are setting out to be a big achiever! Good for you!! You are on the right track of having desires. Now to take them big dreams of yours and turn them into a reality, take tiny steps towards it. If you improve or move towards your goals 1% each day, soon you will have moved leaps and bounds with less effort. As a validation, your financial abundance will come forth as an energetic exchange of your beliefs that you deserve it. You know what you want, but what held you back was not knowing if you could have it. Your intuition drove you to this card today to receive the validation of YES YOU CAN HAVE IT, DO IT,  & ACHIEVE IT!! 

Card 4

Kristy's message:     okay..... in all fairness from your perspective, you are dealing with some really stupid situations and likely it's fuelled by matching a individual... on the other hand, from life's perspective, your handed a person to deal with that doesn't jive with you. It's not because karma is a b*tch, in the truth of the matter you are being rattled to teach you how to become stronger. It's all about standing up for yourself, speaking your truth and moving towards being courageous for yourself. Find  the fire in your belly not to throw at someone else, but to fuel and propel you towards what you stand for. Forget about what you are against, don't be bullied into bending that way. Raise above. Learn to grow. 

Thanks for taking part!! Be sure to book a mediumship read with me!! I'm awesome at it!! 

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