A message from your loved one

If you are seeing this post, you have been guided here at this moment by your loved one in spirit. 

Your loved one knows what each message is. They will guide you to select the message they want you to hear using your intuition. Take s look at the image below and choose a card. You can even close your eyes and in your mind ask your loved one to give you the number to choose. Trust you will pick the exact right one. 

Card 1 

Message: your loved one has guided you here to tell you that every time you think of them it is really them there in your thoughts. Your loved one connects to you through an energy connection. If you need anything, advice or guidance just ask through your thoughts and be open to receiving subtle messages and signs. Even random memories are messages from your loved one. If you are trying to concentrate on a task and you keep getting distracted, know that your loved one is causing interference in your energy field and is letting you know they are there. An interruption of your thought is your loved one saying hello. 

Card 2

Message: your loved one wants to let you know that they see the whole picture now. They have experience your pain, emotion and understand your view of their life with you. Your loved one wants you to know that they have realized how much they have been blessed with and are aware that they didn't see all the points of view in life. Your loved one see's what life really is about and want you to know it is okay to see more of the world around you, see the people you love, and focus more on joy and less on pain or material things. Your loved ones wants to say they are sorry for their mistakes that you have suffered with. They see this now. 

Card 3

Message: your loved one guided you here today to validate that they send you signs constantly. Bugs, birds, animals, rainbows, dewdrops, flowers... your loved one gets you to pay attention at just the right time to see those magical moments. It is not a coincidence you see so many amazing beautiful things. Those are gifts and guidance from your loved one. 

*** note: with this choice, you likely had been drawn to card 4 also. If you had a hard time choosing between those two cards please read card 4 also.***

Card 4

Message: when you feel chills, goosebumps, have an ear pitch, or ear ring, have static in your hair or clinging clothes, smell scents that are unexplainable, feel a change in the air, get butterflies in your stomach or a tickle on your skin, sudden temperature changes or simply feel like someone is next to you, your loved one wants to validate that they are right outside of your aura (magnetic field around your body) and are interacting with your energy field to let you know they are with you. These are forms of sending signs that you are okay and your loved one is watching over you. 

Thank you for listening to your inner guidance. Trust and know you are loved and it is no mistake you were guided here to this post today. 

Much love,


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