Intuition workout: Archangel Michael

Using your intuition, pick a card that catches your attention and then scroll below to see what message it has for you. 

Card 1

Kristy's message: no one will ever disrespect you more than yourself if you allow dysfunction and disrespectful actions of others tear down your self worth, self esteem and self respect. You are guided by Archangel Michael to take into action self honouring changes in the way you treat yourself or allow others to treat you. You have Guidance and protection to move forward towards self respect. You're also encouraged that holding yourself away from desires and dreams also is diminishing on your self respect. Don't become resentful towards yourself with shoulda coulda woulda's in the future. You are alive right now so start living! 

Card 2

Kristy's message: you're being encouraged to only put energy into what you want to achieve including focus on being well, having energy, feeling good and rested. When you put all your energy into what is broken, doesn't feel right or stress over what's wrong, it can easily block you from the solution. Focus on becoming proactive of health and where you can make changes to align you to better health or needs and sway the thought process away from what's wrong. Focus more on a solution than the problem and watch your life transform. 

Card 3

Kristy's message: you have been guided to see into your life purpose. Have you had a lot of interest in a career, or potential career??. Interests and fascination with abilities you are learning or have a desire to learn about are your soul purpose career. You are meant to explore and create happiness and joy for yourself and others through your work in this area of interest.  Enjoy exploring this! The more you dive into your purpose the more fulfilled your soul becomes. 

Card 4

Kristy's message:  whatever it is you have going on that your hanging onto from the past is blocking your happy times. Let that sh*t go. You are regretting something or blaming yourself for something that was a necessary life experience in your past. You're guided to the validation that YOU HAD TO EXPERIENCE EXACTLY THAT EXPERIENCE!!! And now it's time to let it go. Be proud of yourself for surviving turmoil and turning it into knowledge for a better tomorrow. Open up and receive the blessings you have earned for enduring a burden that you are now meant to surrender. It is time to set yourself free from  blame and welcome the acceptance that you did what you could at the time and now you are wiser. 

Thank you for taking part!! Please let me know how you did!! Be sure to Share with a friend! 

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