Intuition workout: crystal picks

Using your intuition pick a card that catches your interest. Scroll below to find out what message it has for you. 

Card 1

Kristy's message: you are learning that everything is in the here and now. You are working on manifesting and creating your desires in real time with what you have to offer as a service to yourself or to others. This is a stone of grounding and balancing energy. You are in the stages of finding mental clarity by focusing on the here and now, being more assertive no matter what comes at you and finding vitality in all you have over come and will face. Basically you are evolving towards greatness. 

Card 2

Kristy's message: so you have some negativity going on based on some situations in your life... really who doesn't though, right? This crystal vibration suggests you really feel like you just need to reset and take some stress and fear off your back. You picked this card because you are craving an energetic detox. Take some time to work on fear or negative patterns that don't serve your highest good. In all situations, no matter how dark, we can find light in them. You can't have darkness without light. Take the time today to see the good in situations when you feel your thoughts drift to a negative response to the situation you're in. Meditation would be helpful also using an energy clearing exercise to help move that stagnant energy away that you are trying to shed off. 

Card 3

Kristy's message: energy is moving very rapidly for you. Desires and creativity will manifest quickly so be sure to stay in a positive mindset. Your life is changing. Some you might not be ready for but in the long run, it will be better than you could expect right now. Your moving into a phase where you will be made aware of what joy is. What joy and gratitude feels like. stay on that path for as long as you can with positive affirmation, gratitude to all you are and all you have. Trust your intuition as it is strong right now, and you are Intuitively guided to take actions on some of your wants, dreams and desires. Think of it this way. Quartz amplifies what already exists. The card is gold which represents you life. Your life is gold, and Becoming amplified. 

Card 4

Kristy's message: you Intuitively picked this card because you are headed into a phase of heightened sensitivities. A lot will be coming to the surface especially durning the next full moon. You're being encouraged to reflect of what comes into your attention. Stay grounded but tuned into your heightened awareness. This is a period of release for you and it's going to be a big one. So if you get cranky during the full moon, agitated, frustrated, or can't sleep it is because you have energy you're needing to release to allow the new to come in. The new energy is scraping against the old energy blocks like nails on a chalk board... Moonstone is a great stone to assist you to let go of what blocks your true desires, wants and needs. If you don't have a piece and you chose this card I suggest visiting your local shop and grab s piece. 

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