Intuition workout: simple intuition

Using your intuition, pick a card that draws your attention. Scroll below to to what messages it has for you. 

Card 1

Kristy's message: being a giver all the time disables you from receiving what you want and sometimes need. Energy between people and our environment is actually very delicate and needs to be handled as so. If you feel you are not worthy to love yourself, accept or nourish yourself the energy flow and exchange will be blocked from you. Having a guard up all the time is sometimes more harmful than protective. Perhaps it may seem noble to be the sender of love and brush off compliments or kindness when someone expresses to us in a compassionate way.  That's a defensive emotion fuelled by fear and that is where the real danger is. 

Card 2:

Kristy's message: ask yourself this, could you survive if the only water supply you had was dry. If everyone consumed the water in the well, and you had none could you live? Now, what if that well represented you? Are you replenished. Do you have enough source and replenishment to support you and everyone else? You're encouraged to realize that you need to fill yourself up. You cannot support yourself or anyone else if you are empty. Find ways to fill your soul and energy. Figure out what you love and do that. 

Card 3:

Kristy's message: you are being encouraged to be original to you. Find your rhythm and move with it. Even if you feel like you're dancing in the dark, the darkness represents the shadow side of you that you don't like or are afraid to show to the world. Just having awareness of all aspects of yourself means you are shining a light on it. Transmute your negative outlook on yourself and celebrate you and the rhythm you bring to the world. You see you are a frequency of light in a great big orchestra of energies that's unique to you, but you are a rhythm needed to run the big picture smoothly. Keep your rhythm. 

Card 4:

Kristy's message: this is your validation that what you are working for is just ahead and it's more than you could have imagined. Don't be second guessing yourself, stay determined. Each time you question yourself you set yourself backwards. Focus on step by step that no matter how many steps it takes you with out a doubt you will get to where you need to go. Think of it this way, when you plant a seed in the garden do you focus on only the salad on the table? No, you nurture it, water it and feed it to grow into something that can sustain you. Goals are exactly the same. An idea is a seed, the results are the salad, the way through success is the process in helping it grow. 

Thanks so much for taking part! I really enjoy hearing your comments and connecting with you! If you'd like to learn more about intuitive card readings and how you can do these everyday for yourself or someone else, sign up for my oracle class and become part of my student community. 

Much love,


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