Intuition workout: pick an object

Using your intuition, pick an object that draws your attention. Next see what messages that object has below, and see if your choice matches what you have going on in your life. 

Object 1: the crystal 

You are going through a purification period. You need to detox emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. You are craving peace within your life and are trying to bring only desired relationships into your life and kick off any drama that accumulates around you. You are ready to make changes but might be unsure where to start. This validates you are supported of your choices and are reminded that if you feel happy then you are definitely on the right track! 

Object 2: the frog

So you're going through some changes. In order to enter a phase of abundance and positive growth, stuff needs to get left behind, including judgment, worries and doubts. What you have going on in your life might have you feeling like no one gets you and that makes you feel lonely. You are never alone. It is an illusion. People care. Loved ones care, both in this world and the spirit world. Your worries won't change anything and you're being encouraged from Spirit to accept what you can not change. No need to judge yourself or others. You are simply learning to grow. 

Object 3: the candle 

Nothing lasts forever and sometimes when people have more than us, it can bring on emotions of envy. Remember that everyone had challenges. They are just different. It's important to find balance in your own life and not to worry about what people will say or think. See the good in everyone and everything including yourself and you will begin to find you live a very abundant life. You're encouraged to be creative and embrace that aspect of yourself to the fullest. Even if you have screwed up in the past or inevitably will in the future take pride in every move you make that you are a divine light in a dim world. You decide how bright you want to shine. Remember the darker others make it around you the brighter you look!! As long as you don't dim down because of others...... 

Object 4: the plant

Don't give up on your dreams or passions just yet. You need a reset. A retreat. Nurturing. Grief and letting go of someone or something is the most difficult thing you will have to face in this life but if you keep your mind in gratitude you will find peace there. Letting go is the opportunity to appreciate. 

You can take your wellbeing as your own responsibility, and that's  A promise you need to keep with yourself, for your wellbeing. Trust with every emotion you feel you can find that life will present incredible opportunities through every situation. Just keep going. 

Thanks for taking part! I love hearing from you! Make sure to check out my website. Maybe something will interest you!! 


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