Intuition workout: energy

Using your intuition pick a card that catches your attention the most. Next scroll down to see what message it has for you. 

Card 1

Door to spirit came in upside down in this exercise meaning that you may be feeling disconnected from your Spirit or even disconnected from Guidance. You are being encouraged to let go of stressful situations that surrounds you including drama that may be falling at your feet, to simply clear the way for more intuition and less upset in your life. You have the ability to move into a clearer mindset and peaceful serenity which opens the door to your true spirit rather than feeling crushed under the pressures of those pesky situations or dramatic encounters with others. Choose peace within yourself by stepping away from all the noise. You got this. 

Angel of balance is all about your emotional state of being. You have been through a lot of turmoil and finally things are starting to come together to support you in a positive way. Basically, you have learned how to turn sh*t into sunshine and create great things for yourself emotionally and energetically. You're headed into a phase of learning how to achieve your goals with what you know from past flops. You're finding more control in your own state of mind than you previously have experienced because you are being guided by the angel of balance but also you have evolved and grown into your own intuition. Great work! Keep going! 

Woman holding a coin came in upside down which means you have some energetic connections causing you to be less valued to yourself, could be causing money blocks and even health issues. Emotions are connected to our thoughts and environment in which plays a huge role in physical health. In reverse this card indicates that there is a female influence from your past that has a toxic energetic influence on you. Remember that you don't need to let anyone devalue you. Besides that, anyone that criticizes you really has nothing to do with you. It's all about them so let go of the obligation to make them feel better or carry any turmoil for them. You are supposed to be successful and are being guided to be. Just believe you are worthy because you are. 

Contract came in upside down. This means that you are going to feel some disappointment but before getting upset about it you need to know that it's for your own benefit. Sometimes rejection is Gods protection and that exactly what is happening here. It is very important not to give up or become panicked and desperate in situations. Stay calm. Stay cool because other really great opportunities, situations or information are headed your way. Trust the process. 

Thank you for taking part in this intuition workout! Be sure to share it with a friend!! I love hearing from you! Be sure to visit my Facebook page and say hello!!

-Kristy Kilik

Spiritual Medium 

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