Intuition workout: pick your card

Using your intuition, pick a card that catches your attention the most. See the messages that card has for you below. 

Card 1

Be open to see Guidance in different ways. You are being directed by spirit through signs and symbols but perhaps people and situations round you are not clear. Simply step back and retreat from any chaos so your thoughts can become clearer. When we are busy in life with many directions we can lose sight that life is trying to change us. Some people keep up the chaos by design to avoid that motion. Others just are unaware that right under their nose, situations for personal growth and life journey are trying to take place.  Find out where your spirit is trying to guide you. Tune in, get quiet, listen to your heart. 

Card 2

You're encouraged to get grounded. Bring dreams to reality by planning, but be sure you are comfortable with the follow through. You need to work at your own pace but also be grounded and focused on fulfilling your dreams by pulling your dreams down into reality and digging into the strength, courage and the belief you can. There is no rush, but it is important to know that you are supported. It's a great time to invest but not a good time for risks. Remember, slow and steady. At your own pace. 

Card 3

You have an immense amount of support around you and are being encouraged to let go of your doubts. You are believed in by the heavens around you and your ancestors that walk beside you. You have healing available to you, and support but you need to be willing to welcome it. Become connected to nature and ancient beliefs by being around trees. Even touching a trees bark will help you become more connected to the energetic world of spirit around you. 

Find gratitude for yourself today and everything around you. By offering the energy of appreciation outward you are turning on the abracadabra of life. The more appreciative you are of yourself, others and of what surrounds you, the more you create in your life to give thanks for. 

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