Intuitive workout: spring flowers bring emotional powers

Using your intuition, pick a plant that draws your attention the most. Next, scroll below to see what intuitive message Kristy has for you. 

If you chose plant number 1 you picked Lobelia. 

Kristy's message: like the seeds of the lobelia, you've experienced how toxic things can be. Your reached a phase in your life that you are ready to, or already have cracked the toxic shell and are putting your experience to good use by vibrant personal growth. You are ready to expand your spirit self into all the corners of your life and fill up the empty spaces with clarity, vibrancy and light. You are a bright light in a dim world. Be excited. You are about to expand your beautiful energy and all the world will notice. But most importantly, you will see the world differently because you influence it in a positive way. 

If you chose plant number 2 you chose the sweet potato 

Kristy's message: if you picked sweet potato you need some TLC. You are craving nurturing and balance. Well in fairness your body is craving it, you may not realize that's what the issue is. You need to find balance in the energy you give away to others and what you put towards yourself. Health is likely a challenge for you and you need to take diet very seriously so you can have more energy for fun in your life. Learn about what is in your environment that is causing triggers to your health emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. Take responsibility for time to nurture yourself. Take this as a swift kick in the pants to be aware that your body needs you to pay attention to its needs as do all other aspects of you do. Drink more water to help your skin too. 

If you picked plant number 3 you chose sage. 

Kristy's message: so you picked Sage.... your Spirit is shouting out that it is time to rid some emotional baggage that you are lugging around. It's time to let go of anger, fear, resentment, and blame. It is causing sickness in you physically and you need to purify your thoughts and intentions and allow peace to come in. This is not a bad thing. You do not need to punish yourself or anyone else. It is safe to release those old wound and have an energy makeover. You definitely deserve to let the good in. Sage is a medicine that helps purify energy around you. Let your vibe raise up through gratitude of all the life lessons you experienced and let the wisdom of each experience propel you to wise choices and gratification  that you have learned not to make the same mistakes twice. Each experience decorates you in a unique pattern. It's time to let that shine. 

If you chose plant number 4 you picked marigolds. 

Kristy's message: if you chose marigolds you are trying to distance yourself from situations or patterns and are pesky or annoying and hard to get rid of. You are being encouraged to find creative ways to distance yourself for these unhealthy situations that cause harm in your life. Remember to keep your mind set that by relieving yourself from situations is not a bad thing as may be seen through the eyes of others that try to judge, remember that you're changing for self love. A requirement we all need to learn to thrive in the order of nature. Your choices are right for you and the life you are trying to create or protect. Stand strong. You are going to be just fine as you work your way through with love in your heart and courage in your belly. 

Thank you for taking part in my "flower garden oracle" intuition workout. I enjoy creating these for you!! Let me know how accurate this was for you!! 



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