Intuition workout: for the love of unicorns

Using your intuition, pick a card that catches your attention and then scroll down to see the revealed message. 

If you chose card number 1:

Things are changing and even though you are not in control of the circumstances and you may feel uncomfortable or fearful with changes, you're reminded that all growth starts with saying goodbye to what no longer supports in life. Embrace this time. You are supported through this transition in your life to grow. Remember as you say goodbye to somethings, it's equally important to say hello to what's new. 

If you chose card number 2:

You are appreciated by the animal world and your compassion for animals is noticed by animals all around you. If you have a pet that has passed on this is a validation that you have been receiving signs from them and they are near you. 

If you chose card number 3: 

Good things come in all shapes and sizes. Acts of kindness, compassion and love are often some of the most pleasant surprises in life. Notice them. Pay attention to the little things today as you interact with friends and family. You may be pleasantly surprised just how much compassion surrounds you. The more you listen for the good news the more good news will come. Living in gratitude brings more to be grateful for. Welcome the gift of happy surprises. 

If you chose card number 4:

Your dreams and desires can by achieved through manifestation practices such as visualization. Imagine and feel yourself in the moments you wish to create in your life. Pay attention to how you feel emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. You create a pulse of energy by doing so that creates a life force. The more you practice imagining how you feel in your dreams, the more your dreams can come to reality. Your thoughts create your reality, so why not use that super power to have exactly what you want! 

How was your intuitive picks? Did you pick the card that resonates with you? Please share with a friend so they can pick a card too! 

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