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I was totally inspired to write about this today after I came to the realization some of the people I had given messages to lately needed some better understanding of the signs. I hope this will help some of you connect the dots and give you the "Ah ha" moment you have been waiting for.

When spirit sends you a sign, they either make you aware to get you to pay attention at that exact moment, or they manifest something by encouraging a chain of events to bring it to you. Also, they like to play with electricity to make the lights flicker, or your electronic devices to malfunction. One I get frequently are my phone lines go totally static and I can not hear a thing! They will try just about anything to say "hey, I am here!"

If this sounds scary to you or you are doubting what you are receiving and claiming it to be a coincidence, I really want to read this carefully and retain the information I am giving you from my experience, because more than likely you are going to relate to this now, or in the future!

When I started out developing my skills as a psychic medium, I worked very closely with my mentor. She explained to me that all these coincidences I had encountered for years had actually been signs and was able to help me validate. She explained many of the signs I received daily came from my guides. First off I was like "yeah, okay" but then I started to pay attention. She was right! I started to state my intentions if I was on the right path I would start seeing the numbers 123. If I was on the wrong path or off track I set my intentions to see 321. After a few weeks this became the yes and no communication I created with my guides. Sometimes the numbers would show up on a clock on the microwave, or it would be the exact amount of a purchase at a store. It mostly showed up on the digital clocks (in my house, no matter how many times I change the clocks to the right exact time, they somehow change on their own. We do not have 2 clocks that read the same time). This makes it pretty handy to get me to focus my attention on the time at those exact moments (especially when the cordless phones always, always, always jump 2 hours a head).

The moment in time that I completely understood the signs is a day I will remember for the rest of my life. I was terrified. I was freaking out about something I could feel but I could not see and I did not understand. I was afraid of the energy that was in my home because I did not understand what it was. My mentor directed me on how to do a proper cleanse of my home and specifically said " your guides are with you, they are protecting you, they will not put you in harms way, just trust them to guide you through the process". I was honestly so terrified but I knew that if I wanted to live in my home comfortably, I needed to get rid of the stale and unknown energy that was hanging around my home. So I got to the cleansing and as I finished I kept thinking over and over "my guides are protecting me". I felt better. I decided I felt "safe" enough to start packing things into the storage room (the room I HATED more than anything) in the basement. As I packed things into the room I still kept thinking "my guides are protecting me". The last trip taking totes into the room I turned around to leave and I just happened to glance down on the concrete floor and seen a little red pin right smack dab in the middle of the floor just in front of the door. When I picked it up I knew my life was forever going to change when I read those words "Safety Patrol".

Where it came from? I do not know. No one living in this house has ever seen it before. Exactly how it got there, onto a bare floor that had just been swept?............. To me it doesn’t matter, because I know I am safe and I am not alone.

What are your signs? I would love to hear your stories!

Love & Light

Lianna Kristy

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