Black tourmaline is one of the most protective crystals on the planet. It does not only offer energetic protection, it has been thought to be physically protective also. It can organize energy like no other. That’s probably why it’s used in electronics such as blow dryers to eliminate static. 

Place a piece of black tourmaline in all four corners of your home and property. Place it in your car and in your wallet. If you have troubles sleeping, you can make a black tourmaline grid under your bed, or place a small piece under your pillow. Black tourmaline is very powerful, you do not need to large of a piece to benefit from its properties. 

If you are having troubles with negativity being projected at you from other people or situations, carry black tourmaline to give you some energetic relief. 

Black tourmaline is fantastic for people who are sensitive to the moon cycles and to solar storms. 

Tumbled black tourmaline

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