Healing properties, great for Anxiety, high chakra activation, & stimulation of clairvoyance. This is primarily the stone to use if you have blocks for self expression that need yo be cleared for your authenticity to come through. This is also great for the public speakers out there. It activates a smooth vibration of authentic truth through the throat chakra interestingly enough, considering it’s not typically a communication stone, it holds space for it. For the truth seekers out there it helps hold awareness of what’s authentic truth and what is not. 

Physical properties: 

Purpurite is what results in the oxidation of iron or manganese, or both, with a little leaching from lithiophilite.

Purpurite is the trivalent Mn-dominant, Li-deficient oxidation product of lithiophilite. The species of the Heterosite-Purpurite Series are secondary minerals formed by oxidation of iron and or manganese with the simultaneous leaching of lithium, primarily from their respective parent species, lithiophilite and triphylite. Intermediate alteration products are part of a continuous process of alteration: Ferrisicklerite and Sicklerite, are intermediate between unoxidized and unleached end-members and the completely leached and appropriately oxidized end-products, but may not be valid species. The Mn:Fe value has not been observed to vary much from the primary lithiophilite to the secondary purpurite.

Purpulite from Namibia

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