Bismuth is an incredible metal that is natural. This bismuth was heated up and Put into moulds (obviously). Lab or in nature, bismuth is POWERFUL. 

The healing properties of bismuth never disappoints. It helps create complex boundaries by organizing frequency. It settles vibrations that come into a space that are new to that environment. For example, a new co-worker may be uncomfortable to some. Bismuth helps organize the frequency for those that are sensitive to change or the unknown. Bismuth helps organize thought patterns. It helps one align to support ones needs and can help one create a sense of community by its rearranging of frequency in their surroundings. Bismuth is great for people that struggle with other people in their space, or for those that suffer anxiety. It’s also great for people that spend s lot of time alone and are unable to easily be outgoing to make new friends. It brings support for all those things. 

BISMUTH is used to ease activation symptoms of lighbody lightcodes as well. 
It’s a cellular structure healer in crystal therapy. It also supports the stomach, intestine and muscles.

Bismuth heart


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