This deck was written with the intuition and intention to help people in their real life problems. This is not a typical oracle deck. Nothing is sugar coated here, it’s ‘sugar free’. The truth you need your best friend to tell you in the heat of the moment will come from these cards. Some will make you laugh, and some will grab at things you don’t want to hear, but need to. This deck is a favourite to many on their healing journey. This deck was created with the medicine of my horse Monty. She has been by my side through some of the most difficult times in my life. Together we have hurt and overcome what has felt impossible. This little mare has a wealth of wisdom. She truly is a spirit horse. She has the ability to make your soul feel alive. She is fierce to show you your weakness but is magical to bring the solution you need, with precision and grace. When I was going through deep healing I felt so alone. It was really hard to snap out of emotions that seemed to take over in situations. We all experience emotions and bad days. I found that making mental notes and note on paper of true and honest inspiration really helped me step out of the heat of the moment and laugh at the situation. These cards are a tool to deliver that emotional recess. They give a release. Just enough for a moment to realize you are bigger than the problem and the situation will pass with a simple redirect of your thought pattern. They are designed to work the frequency that cracks the shadow to let the light come in. They make excellent shadow reading cards to move low energy to light. They are also a favourite among practitioners to blend with other decks as an anchor to specific emotions in a multi card intuitive reading. Many say they are easy to connect to and read without the guidebook which makes them a great starter deck for newbie practitioners. But they are also lightcoded for those seasoned practitioners to really get in there are read with the intent to heal. The inspiration in these cards is how I evolved my life. I hope they can do the same for you. This oracle deck has been redesigned from its original design. This new version of Bad Day Oracle has a 54 Card deck with original photography taken by me of Monty, a beautiful guide book, and a box to store your cards and book. This is the third print production of Bad Day Oracle. The first 2 batches of print of this deck sold out quickly. The first batch sold out within hours! Be sure to grab your Bad Day Oracle for days you need an emotional recess from the things that are hurting you. Much love,Kristy Kilik - author

“Bad Day Oracle” cards by Kristy L Kilik

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