The Bad Day Oracle was written intuitively supporting the things we face in current times. When life gets heavy, this deck of cards can kick things back into perspective pretty fast. 

When I wrote this deck, I never realized just how aligned it was to help us through the human crisis we are in today. It’s brutal truth is refreshing during a time of much uncertainty and chaos. 

This oracle works like a best friend. It’s not going to sugar coat truth for you. It’s not fluffy. It is honest and to the point. You can use this deck on its own, it works well with angel cards or as a shadow card deck. It is a favourite among professional readers across the country as a grounded anchor validation to hard truths.  It’s also enlightening and freeing with zings if sugar free authenticity. This deck gets it done when you need to see the perspective of life lessons clear and direct. 

The photos of this deck are taken of Monty my horse. Her spirit comes through like the true spirit horse she is in life. In life, she is cranky sometimes but keeps you honest and aligned to a clear journey. 

Warning: this deck contains several swear words. 

“Bad Day Oracle” cards by Kristy L Kilik

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