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What are people saying about the Bad Day Oracle Deck?


Bad Day Oracle

Raw, Real sugar free oracle deck

The Bad Day Oracle deck was created to work like a best friend. The way a best friend tells you what you need to hear, even when you are trying not to hear it. This deck is real. There is no other deck like it. It is written with truth, validation and accuracy. It works well on its own or blended in a card spread with other decks. You truly can feel the Spirit in these cards, and the spirit anchors you deeply into your own spirit.


Spiritual Classroom

e2.0 Personal Evolution Classroom

Are you ready to evolve your spirit and feel alive to the inners of your soul? Are you ready to face lineage wounding and heal past life trauma? are you ready to truly love yourself and know who you are? Are you a lightworker and do you understand a lightworkers contract? Do you want to meet your animal spirit guides? If yes to any of these things, check out e2.0 personal evolution classroom, for your souls next evolution.

Kristy L Kilik

Author, Medium, Teacher

Who am I? I am a Spiritual Empathic Medium that specializes in personal empowerment and spiritual healing. I offer personal evolution spiritual development classes aimed to empower and awaken the soul within. I offer spiritual guidance & mentorship programs, as well as a published oracle deck called Bad Day Oracle. I also have a podcast show called Lianna Kristy Medium Intuitive Podcst show on itunes & Podbean.

Raw & Real

I walk the talk, authentic 100%

What you see is what you get. I walk the talk. I do the work, I keep striving towards a greater version of myself right along side of my students. We work through life together. I am truly authentic, in all of my teachings. You can visit my raw & real authentic Vlog posts on my brand new personal empowerment classroom website and get to know me and my energy around my methods of authenticity. You can even submit questions on the Q&A form. see link to go there.

Intuitive Podcast Show

Tune in on the air!

My show is called Lianna Kristy Medium Intuitive Podcast Show. Tune into my Podcast Show on any podcast platform. On my show I offer readings, intuition workouts, inspirational and spiritual development content. I offer readings on air once in a while by sending out an invite to participate on my mailing list or on my facebook page. Find me on facebook @ManningMedium or searching for LKM Kristy Kilik

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Check out my Intuitive Podcast Show. I share inspiration, intuition training tips and I even do Q&A, answering YOUR questions!


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