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Bad Day Oracle

Raw, Real sugar free oracle deck

The Bad Day Oracle deck was created to work like a best friend. The way a best friend tells you what you need to hear, even when you are trying not to hear it. This deck is real. There is no other deck like it. It is written with truth, validation and accuracy. It works well on its own or blended in a card spread with other decks. You truly can feel the Spirit in these cards, and the spirit anchors you deeply into your own spirit. Request a single deck or wholesale.

Kristy L Kilik

Author, Medium, Teacher

Who am I? I am a Spiritual Empathic Medium that specializes in personal empowerment and spiritual healing. I offer personal evolution spiritual development classes aimed to empower and awaken the soul within. I offer spiritual guidance & mentorship programs, as well as a published oracle deck called Bad Day Oracle. I also have a podcast show called Lianna Kristy Medium Intuitive Podcst show on itunes & Podbean.

Lifestyle Vlog

Grow beauty instead of chaos

My family and I have chose to find ways to be more sustainable on our property by doing many DIY projects, growing as much organic food as we can and most importantly, find beauty in a world of chaos. We are vlogging our properties transformation and the journey to achieving a more holistic lifestyle. Please join our journey by following us along the process on our YouTube vlog.

Intuitive Podcast Show

Tune in on the air!

My show is called Lianna Kristy Medium Intuitive Podcast Show. Tune into my Podcast Show on any podcast platform. On my show I offer readings, intuition workouts, inspirational and spiritual development content. I offer readings on air once in a while by sending out an invite to participate on my mailing list or on my facebook page. Find me on facebook @ManningMedium or searching for LKM Kristy Kilik