If you are looking for clarity, validation, like minded people, empowerment and self improvement, this is the right course for you. 

This course is for someone already on a spiritual path, or trying to understand the connections to all the dots between health, being an Empath, what the heck a lightworker actually is, how all of this connects, what the ego has to do with any of this, and things that everyone should know about human evolution, but doesn’t. 

This program is a great place to start an in-depth exploration of self empowerment for any level of spiritual experience, knowledge or development level of spiritual career and discovery. 

This program is a great clear perspective for someone that is exploring what is next for them to learn, how to prepare with knowledge and begin to implement changes to their life as their awareness changes, and even to those practicing mediums, intuitive’s and healers, this information is something you need to know if you are helping people heal. 

There are lessons in this program that you will need to do. For that you will need a journal dedicated to this program. 

This lesson includes one interactive checkpoint with me. You can personally write me via email me your progress when prompted to in the course work. I will read over your personal assessment and respond with an intuitive audio in relation to your progress. 

This is a downloadable booklet style course that you will read on your own. 
You will also have access to hours of recorded intuitive guidance, video content in the Facebook group and interaction with myself and other mediums, intuitives, Empath’s and lightworkers in the Facebook group.  

You will have access to a support group specifically for this program on Facebook where you can ask questions and interact with others taking this program too. Share experiences and make new friends. 

Added bonus of this Evolve program series: 
This is the beginning of a series of levels in the Evolve program, which once complete will have the option to be certified mentored by LKM, and their business will be promoted through LKM for one year after completion if they choose to take all evolve levels, and bonus perks if currently up to date with affiliate holistic healer certification programs. Since the evolve program is also evolving, students that are wanting to mentor, can as long as they are current in the Evolve course levels. 

Graduates and students of Evolve will be invited as vendors to LKM events in the future to promote their service or business through networking and social platform.

Evolve: level 1

C$79.95 Regular Price
C$27.98Sale Price

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