Black Tourmaline aka Schorl (4 pieces for $10)
 Image is of typical specimens. Order will not be exactly as shown.

4 pieces of Black Tourmaline for $10

Put these on your MUST HAVE list! Thanks to science, we now know that Black Tourmaline has the ability to naturally release negative ions into a space (just like salt lamps, or fast running water, or thunderstorms do). Of course we can officially brand Black Tourmaline as the "feel better" stone, because negative ions make us feel better! Black Tourmaline is used by healers for grounding and protection. It is very helpful to people sensitive to solar activity by protecting against radiation. People whom suffer from anxiety, are mediums or psychic will find benefit from carrying Black Tourmaline with them as it shields unwanted energy. My personal opinion, Black Tourmaline is the best stone to use when working through learning self love, letting go, feeling connected to ones self, and boosting emotional stability. Also, if you get anxiety, you need this stone. 

Mined in Brazil

Black Tourmaline 4 for $10


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