When religious folks rant on spiritual folks

Since becoming a professional medium and spiritual teacher, I have had my fair share of religious confrontations, rants and judgemental projections at me. I remember one time going to the grocery store, being in the freezer isle while an elderly woman in passing called me "Satan". 

Another time at the grocery store, I was at the check out and a woman came up behind me and unloaded her basket. she looked at me, started saying the lords prayer and repacked her basket and took her groceries to a different check out where there was a much larger line up.

When I started selling crystals and stones I was going to the post office when a man threw a rock at me and yelled, "what does this rock do?", clearly with the intentions to hurt me in any way he could.

I have so many stories that have occurred since being open publicly as a spiritual person. I don't see the benefit of others being awful to others based on their personal beliefs. However, experiencing all of those terrible things have helped me see that there simply are ignorant people out there, including me. I was judging those that judged me, and I was clearly not seeing their truths, I was only seeing my truths.

I stopped being mad at people that ranted on me as I could see in their truths, their spiritual journey was dark. People that seek refuge and surrender to a higher power are battling shadow in their soul. We all face darkness, but, some of us walk our journey without depending on a higher power to carry us, some of us face our demons head on and battle it out. Some of us are not afraid to see the darkness within ourselves and heal it. Some people are afraid and choose a journey of organized religion. Either way, both journeys are about healing the soul and that is the only thing that really matters.

I realized that when a person has deep spiritual wounds, there is a hell that exists in them. Without a saviour they are lost, they must follow and can not lead their soul through the wounds within themselves. There is no shame in that. A spiritual journey is about healing those wounds through self awareness and mindfulness. Some religions cultivate wounds for profits, other religions do bring peace and healing, while some create deeper wounding before any healing can begin, sort of like ripping off the scabs of a wounded soul. It is expected to have a negative reaction from someone that is wounded deep in their soul and to experience fear. To react through judgement and projection on others when they see something in someone that needs their attention in themselves. I realized reactions from others is impersonal and completely reflects the wounding of the projector of the negativity.

There are multiple people leading others through their wounds. Leading those with similar wounds as them, walking the same line. There is nothing wrong with that, but I now know projections from those lines of people are their wounds not mine.

Some people treat "God" like he is Santa Clause, expecting miracles and magical fixes while judging those that believe in the magic of themselves, those that experience God through them instead of expecting God to magically fix things for them. This is all about wounding. Religion is a refuge for those that are wounded. Those that are on our own spiritual journey are also wounded. We have that in common. The difference is how ignorant do you choose to be when it comes to the rights that others have to believe in what they what to believe in?

Judgement is not Godly. Projections are not enlightened. If one finds themselves judging, they are wounded there and should start working on self in exactly what they are projecting judgments at.

The bottom line I have come to see is, not all religious folks are judgmental assholes, just as not all spiritual people choose to dance with their demons. Wounding is the ruler of ones actions and behaviours. We have the power to become aware of that or stay ignorant and wounded. That is the truth of a spiritual journey.

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